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Why Choose An Invoice Factoring Line?

Up To $2.5 Million In Invoice Factoring

No Weekly Payments. Once Set Up and Approved, Submit Invoices & Recieve Funds.

Fast Approval

Most Approved Recieve Funds Within 5 Days. Apply Completely Online.


Submit An Invoice(s) And Recieve 85%-90% Upon Approval.

Replenish Available Credit

Replenish Your Credit Available As Your Invoices Are Paid Down. Never Sign Paperwork Again.

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Examples of Factoring Line

No Unused Credit Fee – No Maintenance Fee

$2 Million Factoring Line

Client Submits Invoice For $1,000,000 – Customer Recieved 90% ($900,000) Upon Approval. In 4 Weeks, Invoice Is Paid: Balance $74,800 Returned To Client Once Invoice Is Paid OR  (Invoices Are Pro-Rated To Date Paid)  In 12 Weeks, Invoice Is Paid:Balance $24,400 Returned To Client Once Invoice Is Paid

$100,000 Factoring Line

Client Submits 4 Invoices  For These Amounts: $25,000, $10,000, $2,500, $2,500 Total Amount = $50,000 Invoices are Approved And Customer Recieves $45,000 In 2 Weeks, Invoice Is Paid: Balance $4,370 Returned To Client Once Invoice Is Paid In 6 Weeks, Invoice Is Paid: Balance $3,110 Returned To Client Once Invoice Is Paid

Fast And Flexible Invoice Factoring

Grow Your Business With The Security Of A True Revolving Line Of Credit. Access Your Funds Through A Secure Online Dashboard From Any Computer Or Mobile Device.

Draw Funds With The Click Of A Button

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Minimum Requirements for An Invoice Factoring Line

530 Minimum FICO


Businesses in all states are elligible for Invoice Factoring Lines


B-2-B & B-2-Gov’t Only With Invoices from 15-90 days Payable.


No healthcare, trucking, agriculture, or financial institutions are allowed due to Federal Usery Laws


We do not fianance “purchase orders” Delivery of good must be compete and Invoices issued.

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